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Other’s envy, owner’s pride – White pearl necklace

Other’s envy, owner’s pride – White pearl necklace

Women are serene; she is pure, created by love of nature, nourished deep in the lap of sea, untouched and unseen. She is the mystery that unravels when nature bestows its love and creates a masterpiece. From the ocean bed, handpicked and handcrafted and woven into a white beauty she transforms into a white pearl necklace embarks her journey to meet her perfect master, the perfect you.

Fashionable, feminine and admirable the white pearl necklace is your best friend and can enhance your every outfit and make your every moment special. Wear them for a casual outing and look fresh, don them with your format dress and look fine and sophisticated. Oh! And your dinner dates with that special someone, trust them and they will make you irresistible, but yes be prepared for some jealous glances .you will love them too.

History relates her back to thousands of years far before the history of mankind was s written. It is said that people accidentally discovered this white beauty while searching for food deep down the sea. The white pearl necklace has dutifully adorned the royals and was so dear that the kings and queens took them in the journey after death and were buried with them. So priceless are these natural gems.

So what is special about the white pearl necklace?  What makes it surpass ruby, diamond, and all other gems to become a “must have” in every women’s collection? Ever wondered? The answer lies in the way it is created, it’s a nature’s masterpiece nourished and kissed by the deep waters. Other gems are cut and polished manually, pearls are polished naturally which brings its sheen and unblemished color.And when the Mother Nature herself crafts these snowy pearls with so much love how can they look anything less than divine?

Today white pearl necklace forms an inseparable part of every women’s wardrobe – A mother’s, a wife’s, a sister’s and a daughter’s. After all, every woman need a best friend. Ain’t She?