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Stylish Crochet Beach Cover Up Ideas

Stylish Crochet Beach Cover Up Ideas

Summer is literally just around the corner. Whatever you have planned for the warmer months, a beach blanket always comes in handy. Whether you’re planning a day trip to the beach or just spending hot days by the pool, a crochet swimsuit cover-up is a great way to feel comfortable and stay stylish. I have to admit, the times when I felt super comfortable in a bathing suit or bikini are long gone. As Ross said on Friends, “I’m carrying a little holiday weight.” While there’s nothing wrong with that, I want to feel comfortable in whatever I wear.

And once there aren’t many alternatives to swimsuits left, I think a nice crocheted beach dress is just the ticket. For resting on the sun lounger or for a short walk to the beach bar or for another ice cream, they are perfect to cover small bumps or imperfections. Secondly, I find that they do a great job of protecting the skin from the harsh sun. If your shoulders are getting a little “too sun-kissed,” you can easily cover them with a crochet beach wrap.

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