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Nice and attractive tops to wear with  leggings

Nice and attractive tops to wear with leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable cloth to be worn by everyone. They prove to be very light and stylish in today’s trend. But you have to be wise while selecting a proper top type to wear. It is not as easy as to select for jeans pant. Most of them are not sure about what to wear and what not to wear for leggings. You can choose any type of outfit to wear on leggings as per your taste and style. Pick any of the tips from the below list of tops to wear with leggings.

  • A long top such as tunics is one of the best choices of tops to wear with leggings. Along with it wear long boots and an elegant scarf. This outfit is suitable to be worn with friends’. It is a great casual wear.
  • If you do not want to wear short tops with leggings then opt for some beautiful cardigans. They really look pretty on you and good to wear in cold weather.
  • Another type of long T – shirt which has loose fitting and bit long will be the perfect match with leather leggings. You can also wear a scarf which enhances the stylish appearance.
  • Choose a simple graphic T – shirt to wear with leggings. Additionally, you can also wear a sneaker and a goggle to enhance your beauty.
  • You can mix up few formal shirts with short woolen tops above them. It gives a layered look which is too gorgeous.
  • You can wear a short top with a mini skirt under which leggings will be suitable in the winter season. If your leggings have become old, this would be a brilliant choice.

There are various tops to wear with leggings in your wardrobe. It’s all up to you to choose the best and comfortable one.