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Fashion icon must try large hoop earrings

Fashion icon must try large hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are always in fashion. Those who love hoop earrings for them size will not matter. These large hoop earrings are always in fashion and immediately attract attention when worn. They go well with the western outfit as well ethnic wear. It is said that large hoop earrings look like a choker on your ears.

Large hoop earrings have a long history and it has been in and out of pop culture. These earrings are made of metals such as gold, silver, copper etc. When combined with diamonds and pearls they add a sparkle to your ear and make you look elegant. The gold hoop earrings were very famous in the ancient times. These were considered to be a sign of prosperity if women owned them. If not worn right, the large hoop earrings are considered to be trashy, inappropriate and unsubtle.

Large hoop earrings, when worn correctly, are classy accessories and are relevant even today as it was in the 90s and 80s retro era. These earrings attract attention to your face. It has the ability to draw the eye towards your face unlike other chandelier or stud earrings. They are in the circular and semicircular in shape and hence they draw extra attention to your cheekbones and jaw.

The reason why these large hoop earrings are classy is that they have never gone out of style. Just like a pair of sunglasses large hoop earrings are a must accessory to your wardrobe. It is perfect for a night out clubbing and also a simple coffee catch up with friends. It blends in every outing situation and provides the perfect style statement for you. It goes well with jeans and top as well as your corporate attire.

They come in various patterns and designs. Designers and brands have innovatively added an extra embellishment like pearls or stones to make them look unique and original