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Houndstooth Pattern Dress Ideas

Houndstooth Pattern Dress Ideas

Houndstooth Outfits: The new “wow” pattern in fashion first emerged in Scotland in the 18th century. This pattern was called “shepherd’s plaid” or “dog’s tooth” because it was the first in woven woolen fabric, originally used to make traditional shepherd outerwear to protect against extreme cold. It was later adopted by various prestige fashion brands to use it for commercial purposes.

The modern houndstooth pattern is an alternating light and dark contrast thread pattern, conventionally crafted in classic black and white contrast. Nowadays, however, the houndstooth pattern is also used in various other color combinations.

How to wear a houndstooth pattern outfit? Houndstooth patterns have become a contemporary fashion statement. So it is very important to style it right otherwise you may lose your fashion game. When designing an outfit with a houndstooth pattern, make sure you add a solid, matching accessory or garment to make the pattern stand out even more. On the other hand, if you wear a complete houndstooth outfit, sometimes it will seem boring and boring, which of course will not work for you.

Also, when experimenting with this classic pattern, make sure you choose the right size. For example, if you want a t-shirt or shirt in this pattern, always choose a smaller pattern to give it a more sophisticated look. On the other hand, large patterns are also good for coats and sweaters as an extra layer in winter.