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The Iconic Style of 1950s Dresses: A

The Iconic Style of 1950s Dresses: A Retrospective

1950s clothing offered so much to modern-day fashion. To believe in 1950s fashion is parallel to bright summer’s day! Colorful prints, Glamorous shapes and always overemphasized with large skirts and tiny waists.  The look then was of artificial grace – porcelain make-up and glossy hair styles.

1950s clothing form was a range of silhouettes and styles, so when it comes to options during 1950s dresses, there were n number of alternatives. 1950s dresses were round, with ballerina length edges and cinched waists for an exquisite, feminine time-piece look. The covered dress was another design that created the longing outline of the decade. In short 50s fashion was full of comfort and conservation.

For a woman, to have a complete look they never left the house without their heels, necklace, and a pair of gloves that could range from short to all the way up the arm. The dresses played a pivotal role in the style during the Fifties. There were several formations and styles of dresses to choose from.

1950s tops were mainly focused on giving women a complete feminine form in disparity to the sharp lines of clothing. Women mostly wore jackets and paired such jackets with sleek skirts. Loose printed tops and colored tops were also in fashion in 50’s

For the bottom, contrasting skirts, shorts and pants were most popular during the 1950s, paving the way for a range of selection of mix and match outfits. Women also preferred swinging skirt. Other skirts of this decade were ankle length. Another kind of dress was called the pencil style. It was kind of additional parallel line down the dress and would curve the body shape to attain the complete feminine figure. Women in a modern day are implementing these styles for being a cute look that belongs to the 1950s fashion!