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Why Tutu skirts for women is the new  fashion trend

Why Tutu skirts for women is the new fashion trend

Tutu is originally a dress worn as a costume in ballet performances. Tutus are made of fabrics like silk, gauze, nylon, muslin and tulle. Tulle is most widely used fabric and many believe that the name Tutu has also originated from word Tulle. Barbara Karinska is a leading Tutu designer who has worked with many ballet companies worldwide. But Tutu skirts are no longer confined to ballet stages and many fashion bloggers and celebs are donning it fashionably only.

Variants of Modern Tutus:

Romantic Tutu: This is the Tutu worn by common population. Based on Marie Taglioni’s original costume, romantic tutus are soft and bell shaped reaching up to either ankles or calves or falling between knee and ankle.

Classical tutu: This is usually worn by ballet performers. It is short and stiff and projecting horizontally from the waist or hip region.

Tulle is a gauzy material and tutu skirts give a romantic feel with their old-world charm. Tutu skirts now a day capture that vintage vibe with new ideas and designs and are perfect for modern trendy women.

Tutu skirts for women are mostly preferred in black and white and pastel colors like pale pink, baby blue, and creams and peaches. Tutu skirts work best in lighter shades and give a feminine soft look.

You can style Tutu skirts in many ways. Be it with a classy top or a grunge T-shirt if you are going for a casual look. Some women have even dared to wear tutu skirts over jeans. Tutu skirts with Jackets and layered clothing is also in.

Whichever way you like it, Tutu skirt is a must have for every women’s wardrobe and it enhances their look and beauty. So, ladies get you a tutu skirt and keep telling in your tutus.