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Two souls come together with a gold wedding ring

Two souls come together with a gold wedding ring

Weddings rings are also referred to as wedding bands which are exchange by both the bride and groom on the day of their marriage as a custom and a sign of accepting each other as husband and wife.

Wedding rings are available in different metal like gold, silver, platinum and more. There traditionally bought wedding rings are gold wedding rings though now people have started buying silver and platinum.

Though so many other alternatives have come with wedding rings it is always gold wedding rings which we can always relate or think of when we talk about wedding rings. It will never lose its charm and demand with other metals.

Gold wedding rings come is different shapes, colors, and designs. Gold wedding rings are available in different colors like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Out of the three, yellow gold is the king or most bought when compared to other two. Yellow gold is the only color which can be exactly associated when we say gold moreover the color rich and bright. They are available in different karat and each defines the level of purity. It is also important to know that these are most pure because of the natural gold as this real yellow gold color.

Yellow gold also has another attractive feature like they are associated with success and winning. Hence wedding rings are always preferred in yellow gold.

Generally, gold wedding rings are engraved with the names of their spouse and there are different patterns in it. Like a square shaped band and the name engraved on the top, sometimes the band is in a circle or oval shape. Some couples would prefer to keep their name hidden then they can engrave the name inside part of the band. However, name engraved rings are mostly worn in Christian weddings and rarely do we see in other religions