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The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Luxury

The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Luxury Watches

Luxury watches have its origin back from the ancient times. They are centuries old and is considered as one of the most important status symbols especially for men. It is easy to guess as to why men align more towards these luxury watch brands because it reflects their own style and appearance.  The main advantage of the luxury watches is that the grips of these watches are very stylish and elegant

In these high-end luxury watches or timepieces, the most common movements include the following:

  1. Jewel Movement – These jewel movement as the name suggests is made by using jewels that are well polished and drilled in before forming the basis of the watch movement. This type of jewel movement is well known for the crème de la crème of luxury watches. These movements make the watches very expensive. Most of these luxury watches fall into the “luxury” bracket as it has more than 19 jewels within the mechanism.
  2. Automatic / Self-Winding – This type of movement represents a mechanical movement which is fueled by human movement which means that it powered by human movement. It works on the movement of the person wearing them. This type of movement is one of the most popular under the other luxury watches.
  3. Quartz Movement – This is the most common movement amongst the luxurious watches. Quartz movements are accurate and reliable but they are less expensive to product. Hence it is cheaper than other luxury watches.
  4. Chronograph Movement – This is another well-known movement under luxury watches. It works in a chronograph movement and will break time down into hours, minutes and seconds. Some added features like moon phases and calendars are also captured in this watch

Wearing a luxury watch defines the style statement of a person as it is a reflection of a person’s style. Choosing the right pattern and design is very important as there is good amount money invested as well