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The Timeless Elegance of Marcasite

The Timeless Elegance of Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite earrings have originated from the ancient years approximately over 2000 years ago. It is basically a gemstone from the Ancient Greece which is used to make jewelry pieces. In the most recent years the popularity of Marcasite jewelry increased. In the Victorian Era small pieces of Marcsite were inlaid into silver Jewelry which creates beautiful Art Nouveau pieces.

Marcasite is a common iron sulfide which is easily found in many parts of the world. In Victorian times, Marcasite jewelry was popular and till today its purpose is the same and never gone out of fashion. These earrings can be found today at moderate prices in India and other parts of the world. Marcasite is derived from Arabic or Moorish for pyrite and other minerals such as bismuth and antimony. Basically Marcasite is a polymorph of pyrite which when cut into small pieces can be used as a jewelry piece. It mainly comes in copper or silver and are available in various patterns and shapes

The two minerals are shaped differently and then given different structures within, however they share the same chemistry. This material is paler in color and hence it mostly comes in black color and gives an oxidized look. Marcasite earrings go well with everyday attires as well as ethnic clothing. Marcasite is also rarer than pyrite.

The popularity of Art Nouveau Marcasite earring has seen an increase since the use of this material. It has special gleam and sparkle added to the earrings which then acts as a replacement to diamonds back in the 18th century. There are many patterns available for these earrings some include in the shape of a dragonfly; flowers etc which are stud earrings crafted in silver with a sparkle making it look elegant and classy.

The Marcasite earrings need to be taken care as well in order to ensure that they long last