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The Symbolism of Heart Rings: Love,
Commitment, and Romance

The Symbolism of Heart Rings: Love, Commitment, and Romance

Rings are favorite and one of cute accessory for all and mainly for girls. Rings come in different designs but the most demanded and wanted designs are heart ring. Be it for casual wear or if you want to wear it as an engagement ring then the best and simple design is the heart rings.

The design is so simple and plain that gives a very elegant look. The designs come in many forms like a plain heart shape with inside being hollow inside, sometimes the heart shape lining is studded with stones and some patterns are the complete heart shape if studded with stones.

Heart ring is the best gift one can give for their near and dear ones as the design is very plain and simple that rarely anyone says no it. One can give this has an engagement ring or as a birthday gift or for an anniversary or perfect way to show the love by presenting the heart ring for valentines day.

For the couples who want to keep their love quite and simple then heart rings are the cutest gift that can be presented. This is also one of the best options if you’re planning to propose someone as heart symbolizes love and when it gifted it is interpreted as the way you show your love for the other person. Hence without a doubt, this is the best gift to give for your partner.

Claddagh rings are one of the types of heart rings which involve a design of two hands holding a heart. There are people commenting on the way heart rings need to be worn, it is said that point of the heart should not be pointed towards you rather it need to be the other way. The reason is if the heart edge is pointed towards you, it signifies selfishness and if the heart pointed toward us then it indicates our openness. We generally feel the heart ring has to be worn in such way that we can see the shape of it rightly but when you show it to others it will be not seen from a right angel.

These are few things why people say how it has to be worn however it is up to each one’s wishes.