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The Rise of Ladies Trouser Suits: A
Modern Take on Power Dressing

The Rise of Ladies Trouser Suits: A Modern Take on Power Dressing

A ladies trouser suit consists of a jacket and trousers with a matching material. Most of the time the color and pattern of the jacket and trousers are very much similar. However, women also opt for mix and match of the colors and patterns to give a more trendy and classy look. Also, the jacket is worn as a part of the trouser suit as well as separately in order to create different types of looks

Gone are the days when the trouser suits were reserved for only men. Nowadays with more and more women succeeding in the corporate and business world, these trouser suits have increasingly become popular among women’s fashion world. These ladies trouser suits are generally worn with a classic plain shirt or dressy blouse. Instead of a pant women also opt for skirts to complete the overall suit looks and gives it a different feel.

It is very important that the right trouser suit should be both professional as well as flattering but these trouser suits can be worn for casual events as well. Ladies trouser suits come in wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors. Some go for suit jackets with full-length sleeves while some opt for a quarter length to make it look more sporty and trendy. The overall length of the jacket may also vary depending upon the requirement.

Below are some of the types of ladies trouser suits:

  1. Professional Trouser suits: These are ideal for formal and office environment. Be it an interview or business professional trouser suits adds an impression about your personality in the first instance
  2. Business Casual Trouser suits: these type of suits are more casual and less formal in nature and generally made up of light fabrics such as cotton or linen

It is important to pick the right type of fabric as well while choosing to wear these trouser suits. Ladies, trouser suits can be purchased readymade depending upon the size or tailor make the same with own designs.