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Stylish look with jewelry beads

Stylish look with jewelry beads

There are many types of jewelry beads that are available in the market. These jewelry beads are available almost everywhere and they come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. This varied variety even puts an expert into a fix as to what to buy and how to buy.

We have tried to summarize the various types of beads that are commonly used with some in-depth descriptions and specifications:

  1. Acrylic Beads: it is the bead which is made of plastic or polymerized materials such as Fimo Polymer Clay, resin, and other plastics. They are generally light, inexpensive and thus suitable for a wide range of applications. Due to this feature, it beats some rival glass and wooden beads in their quality
  2. Bugle Beads: These beads are mixed with seed beads and are small tubular beads. They typically range from 3mm to 12mm in length. These beads are popularly used in bead weaving projects and offer good value for money as well
  3. Charms beads: These beads are often die-cast metal beads which come in a various range of designs, shapes, sizes and color. They are called from the good old traditional charm bracelet which was very popular during childhood days. These beads have a loop built into them for easy attachment purposes.
  4. Crystal Beads: these beads are made of high-quality glass beads which are perfectly cut into their surface or base. Crystals can be cut into many different shapes such as bicones, rivolis, rounds, and rondels etc
  5. Czech Glass Beads: these beads are also one of the best quality pressed glass beads in the world. The dominant brand is Preciosa (formerly Jablonex) which offer a huge range of shapes, colors, and finishes.
  6. Glass beads: These beads are one of the most common materials for beads. They can be used for any purpose and are also cheap and abundantly available