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How to pick out the right shirt dress

How to pick out the right shirt dress

With hectic work lives and exorbitant social tastes arriving at the doorstep of the common man, these lines no longer exist. This phenomenon can lead to many quandaries for one. What do I wear to an event that is too formal to be casual but too casual to be formal? Do I take a present for the host? If yes, what kind of present do I take for them? In this piece, we aim to answer the first question sufficiently for you. Yes, the answer to outfits that you can wear to formal as well as casual occasions is a shirt dress. If you are one of the few people that haven’t heard of these outfits, a shirt dress is basically a dress for women that is printed and cut to resemble a shirt. As such, these dresses look quite formal while the size and shape of the dress allow you to pull off a casual look.

When shopping for this dress, it is a good idea to keep the occasion you plan to wear it to, in mind. These not being the kind of dresses you use for everyday wear, there is a good possibility that you restrict donning this dress to twice or thrice a year. The demarcations between social and professional events are fading day by day as the distinctions between these two kinds of events have come down to a few irrelevant features. Earlier, there would be a clear understanding of the type of event that one was going to attend. So keeping those occasions in mind and picking out an appropriate dress accordingly should meet your needs. Secondly, ensure you take a look at the brands and prices online before embarking on a shopping spree for the new pieces in this segment are priced at highly inflated rates.

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