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Show up your love with heart pendants

Show up your love with heart pendants

The heart is bliss and when you get to buy an accessory like heart pendant then it is beautiful and classic. The heart is always a symbol of love and romance and a heart pendant is a perfect gift to give your spouse, girlfriend, mother, sister or your best friend. The heart pendant is perfect with all the wardrobes be it casual, formal, a fancy evening as these pendants are always elegant and simple.

Heart pendants come in different metals, designs, and color. There are three main designs in heart pendants like intertwined hearts, open hearts, and plain single closed heart pendants.

Intertwined heart pendants:  Intertwined hearts pendants come in different designs like a heart in heart pendants, vertical hearts pendant, triple heart pendants. When the pendants come in two intertwined hearts it is interpreted as love in never ending, togetherness forever and complete unity.  If it comes with more than two like three intertwined hearts then for parents it symbolizes the complete love and affection towards their child.

Open heart pendants: While gifting open heart pendants understand how it is interpreted and then gift it. There are different interpretation here are those, for many they are interpreted as opening your heart or expressing your love to the one whom you’re gifting it so it is like proposing and asking the person at the receiving end to accept your love. People who are spiritual interpret open heart pendants as richness and love found in each and every one of us.

There is another interpretation to open heart like it is treated as a lucky charm which comes like help during tough times. But majority interprets like a proposing and expressing the love to other person whom you love, hence the way the receiving person interprets the pendants depends upon both of you, so make it special by gifting it!!