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Shine Bright: How to Style Sequin Pants
for Any Occasion

Shine Bright: How to Style Sequin Pants for Any Occasion

It is agreed by most people in the upper echelons of the fashion industry that the best way to never go out of fashion is to constantly change and upgrade your look. While the fashion industry changes every week or so, it is important to remain two steps ahead and sport the latest look even before it becomes fashionable, this makes you a trend-setter. There are those that rightly say elegance never goes out of fashion. However, how you choose to express this elegance can become dull, rusty and repetitive if you don’t change your look ever so often. This season, we bring to you the perfect articles of clothing that have the immense potential of capturing eyes everywhere you go and setting you apart from a large audience. Sequin pants are here to save the day!

For those of you that live under a rock, sequins are shiny decorative pieces that were used to make brooches and in several such add-on roles until recently. However, their popularity and following among the youth and elderly alike has surpassed many records and companies are now releasing pants that are completely covered with these sequins. This, generally, is how the concept of sequin pants came out to exist.

Owing to the shiny and glittery nature of these pants, it is but obvious that they cannot be matched with anything and everything in your wardrobe. For example, pairing such pants with a top that also has a large amount of gaudy texture or is colored to stand out bright is a strong no-no. What you need to complete your look with these pants is a simple and cute solid color top in light shades such as white, cream or cerulean blue. You can also throw on a leather or fur jacket to spice things up for a change.