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Make your ear more attractive with Garnet Earring

Make your ear more attractive with Garnet Earring

The garnet earrings are worn in the ear and only for woman use. Without an earring woman’s ear look ordinary then the garnet earring give stylish look to ear. The earring attached to the ear by piercing in the earlobe. There are various design and color of the garnet earring. You can choose according to your choice. Every woman wants to look attractive and fashionable so earring is the part of personality development. The garnet earring is specially design by the professional designer and micro technology is used for making the earring. All the part of the earring is very small in size. You need to take proper care of this earring. The garnet earring has very small parts. On the basis of design and size, these are classified as following.

Design of earrings

  • Stud– The stud is fitted into the ring with the help of metal piece. The stud into the ring looks gorgeous and gives a unique look to the earring. The stud material does not affect the skin and less costly so the stud fitted garnet ring is also affordable for the poor woman.
  • Diamond– Diamond is more costly and not easily available then the garnet ring made by diamond is more costly and not affordable by the poor woman. When a woman wears diamond earring the she more pretty and stunning. Proper care of the diamond earring very necessary time to time cleaning must be required for this.
  • Gold– The gold earring is also very costly. Gold earring gives a fantastic look to the woman and no need of maintenance of the earring.

The earring increases your personality and tour looks level. Garnet earring is mostly used as a party wear so everyone looks towards you when you wear a good quality earring in your ear.