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How to maintain your bridal necklace

How to maintain your bridal necklace

So your big day is finally over and you now look forward to a new beginning with the person of your dreams, a lifetime of happiness, joy and affection. With the end of the big day come a slew of responsibilities. One of the best parts of post-wedding life, as reported by our readers, is opening all the gifts received on the day. However, some of the items purchased or gifted at your wedding can be of extremely high value, and as such, require appropriate care and maintenance.

In this piece, we take a look at the measures required to maintain your bridal necklace after the big day and ensure your beautiful emolument remains untarnished.

A bridal necklace is most likely to be made from highly precious metals as well as embedded with stones that cost a small fortune. As such, you need to first determine whether such an article of jewellery would be safe within your house. Be it the domestic help or robbers, elemental damage or wear and tear, there is simply too much risk posed to high value jewellery at home. Thus, you might want to consider the option of keeping it in a locker at the bank. You can also build a safe for your bridal necklace and similar articles in the confines of your home to ensure they do not succumb to any risks.

You also cannot afford to simply stow away such a necklace and forget about it. This piece of jewellery has high sentimental and financial value and as such, leaving it to rot away is an utter shame. Thus, bridal necklaces require the owner to inspect them every 3-6 months for signs of corrosion and take the requisite combative steps. They can also be remodeled into a whole new piece of jewellery.