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Feather earrings the new found love!!

Feather earrings the new found love!!

Feathers symbolize many things like honor, truth, powers, speed and much more.

Religiously they have some interpretation like in Christianity feather represents the presence of angels and sometimes as a stand of prayer and strict faith.

People wearing feather jewellery give them a lot of positive vibes like it gives them a sense of peace, feel spiritually connected, relaxed and happier. Feathers are tender, gentle and always make them feel connected with life. These are some scientific reasons; however, people wear as a part of a trend as they are unique and fashionable if you match the earrings with the right attire.

One of the feather jewelry which you find the most are the feather earrings which is back in fashion. They can be used as a casual earring or as statement jewelry. If you want to be the one to stand out from the crowd and want to get a unique look then go for these feather earrings. They are available in innumerable designs, different sizes, colors, and shapes.

There are few things need to keep in mind when you wear a feather earrings which are given below;

Length: They are available at different lengths but which one to wear completely depends on what you’re planning to wear. Generally, longer feather earrings are more fashionable than the general studs. But keep in mind it should match your attire.

Occasion: If you are planning for a casual day out then you can choose small ones

with a brighter color like orange, neon green or yellow, but if it is for a formal function then go for colors like peacock blue, black, golden etc.,

Keep it simple: When you wear feather earrings make sure your other accessories paired with it are simple and elegant. Feather earrings by itself are little heavy and if you over do that with bangles and necklaces then it can end up giving an odd look.

Time to start looking unique with feather earrings, as now that you know what to take care when you wear it!!!