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Exploring the Rich History of Irish

Exploring the Rich History of Irish Jewelry

Irish jewelry is basically from Irish itself and is commonly said as Irish Celtic jewelry. This kind of jewelry is made of Celtic symbols or knot designs. The knot designs are the most popular design which makes Irish Celtic jewelry quite a hit. The Celtic symbols or jewelry are made of spirals, circles and square shapes. Mostly jewelry is engraved of animals and bird and make it more precious and antique. Irish jewelry is traditional and kind of tribal ornaments comprises the story of forest life. This jewelry tells us the story of animals, birds and human’s struggle.

Irish jewelry makes itself different from other jewelry because it tells us a story. Each jewelry tells us the different story about both animal and human’s struggle. This kind of jewelry is made of many common metals and Irish local material. Brass, wood, gold are the common materials that Irish use for production Irish jewelry. This jewelry gives the third-dimensional appearance to the jewelry which makes easy to read the story behind. Many tourists who visit Irish buy Irish jewelry.

This antique jewelry is worn both modern and traditional outfits of Irish. Not only Irish traditional, you can wear any traditional and modern outfit goes stunningly with Irish necklace and earrings. Irish jewelry has many categories like the necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelets, armlets, etc. These jewelry are design by telling stories about human life, lifestyle, ecosystem, rebirths. These art and story attracts many locals and tourist to purchase. These jewelry are mostly found in Irish indeed. Many online sites are also available which offers authentic traditional Irish jewelry with the reasonable discount. Irish jewelry is a handicraft which makes it more priceless. Many Hollywood stars are caught wearing beautiful antique Irish neckpiece or earrings or bangles which give authentic look and attracts many audiences