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Citrine bracelet- Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Citrine bracelet- Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Bracelets are ornamental band worn in around the wrist by both the genders but more of women’s wear than men. Ladies sometimes don’t like to wear bangles and for some attire, bangles don’t match in such cases bracelets are the best options which are fashionable and goes more with the modern dresses.

Bracelets are coming in both traditional and modern designs and one can choose based on their wish. Bracelets are available in plain designs made of gold, silver, platinum and in also comes in metals, rubber, and plastics.

They come in simple plain designs and sometime with stones like diamonds and precious stones. One such precious stone is called citrine and bracelets made of these stones are available in large. These stones are the birthstones of people born in November. It is been said earlier that wearing ornaments with citrine stones is believed to give a lot of positive vibes and hence wearing citrine bracelets equally brings a lot of positive energy within oneself.

When wearing a citrine bracelet it has to be worn always in the receiving hand which is the left hand and not the dominant hand which right. As it is believed that wearing a citrine bracelet in the receiving hand will bring in more wealth.

Citrine bracelets are of different colors like golden citrine, lemon quartz,  maderia citrine, palmeria citrine and yellow citrine. Citrine bracelets come with different patterns like citrine cluster bracelets which we find in India. They are made of citrine mini chips with mini beads which are gathered in the elastic band in shape of a bracelet. Other patterns like three to four strands of bracelets with citrine stones, citrine stones flower bracelets in silver, multi beaded bracelets with citrine, citrine silver jail bracelets and more. So try the unique pattern of these bracelets and look classy.