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Choices are still endless in mens necklaces

Choices are still endless in mens necklaces

Necklaces are common not only in women but also in men as well. Men’s necklaces have increasing demand especially for day to day simple wears and wedding collections. Collections for men’s necklaces have come a long way in the past 10 years. The necklaces for men are simple yet elegant in look and feel.

Necklaces for men are one of the best accessories for men as it can be easily tucked in under a shirt or jacket. Some like to flaunt and some like to hide it. Depending upon the mood and occasion men can wear these necklaces. Hence these necklaces are called “work to play” accessory

Mens Necklace types can be categorized into two basic categories: simple chains and pendant necklaces.

  1. “Plain” chains are the most common type of necklaces available for men. They are fancy for the right reason and not as flashy as it for women. These plain chain necklaces go with everything and anything. It suits every outfit and every occasion. Different type of link styles is available which are very adorable and also has an increasing number of color options.
  2. Pendant chains are small lockets or pendants attached to the main chain and depending upon the preferences these pendants are used. They are of contemporary choice and have a removable feature or charm. The pendants for men’s necklaces are simple and not very jazzy.

Men’s necklaces like all another type of jewelry come in metals such as gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum, copper etc. The standard length of necklaces for men comes in 20 inches which fall at the collarbone. There are few necklaces which come in sizes of 22 inches that fall below the collarbone. These are popular and has huge demand overall. Make sure to buy the necklaces from certified shops so to as to ensure they are of good quality