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Aquamarine rings always in a fashion

Aquamarine rings always in a fashion

The Aquamarine rings are not only one of the most coveted and valuable jewelry, they are also considered to have a rich ancient lineage. The greenish blue gemstone due to its exceptionally transparent nature combined with glassy luster displays a high sparkling quality and crystal clear clarity ranging from few karats to nearly 200,000 karats.

It is believed that aquamarine rings keep sailors at safe by keeping sea calm so it is referred as Sailor’s gem. In fact, aquamarine in Latin means Seawater and its light blue or greenish blue color completely justifies the name. The reason of popularity of this gem actually lies in a Roman legend which says Aquamarine absorbs the atmosphere of young love which led to it becoming a desired wedding gift for the bride given to her after the first night.

The birthstone of March and the 19th-anniversary gem is said to have a pleochroic effect when proper faceted treatment is done on them. It means that aquamarine will change color from light blue to green to colorless depending on the angle it is looked at. It is considered to be an easy stone to cut leading to the creation of many innovative shapes for the gem. In fact, Aquamarine rings of more than 10 karats are very common and have a 7.5 to 8 rating on the hardness scale which makes it a very durable ring to wear. And not to worry for the price, different karat ranges of this gemstone make it easily accessible to many.

Aquamarine stone is one of the many important collector’s crystals and valuable gems derived from mineral beryl just as Emerald, Morganite, and  Golden beryl. Mineral beryl finds home in the high elevation of Hindu Kush, Himalayas, and Karakorum mountains but the largest Aquamarine was actually mined from Brazil in 1910 weighing to be nearly 110 kg. Best quality aquamarines are found in Brazil, US, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Nigeria and some parts of India.