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Womens watches, creating trendy women!

Womens watches, creating trendy women!

Watches have always fascinated humans. From majestic looking men’ watches, to sleek ones for women and colorful and playful ones for kids, they have served a dual purpose of not only showing time, but also adding to the fashion statement of the wearer.

Women’s watches are now manufactured in many types and varieties and can be found in numerous brands and trends. Many brands use celebrities to attract women to purchase their watches. The trendiest brands are fast track, titan, citizen and many more. The shape of the dials are manifold, common ones being round, heart, square, star, pentagon and many others. Some women’s watches are also studded with stones inside and outside. Watches are not only made up of belts, but also gold plated, silver plated and many more strap materials.

Women also prefer to wear watches in which they can change the belt or chain of the watch according to their attire and watches have now become an important part of both formal and casual dressing. Women keep separate watch collections for office wear, casual wear, for parties et al. One can see a stark change in the choice of watches at every stage of a woman’ life.

The dial of the watch also differ from watch to watch. There are multiple dial watches, simple analog and digital watches and many more. The needle of the watches also differ some watches have seconds needle and extra ones to show weather and calendar details, while some don’t have such things.

The way the numbers are set on a watch also differs wherein some have only 12,3,6,9 and some only 12 and 6 number. And in many watches one can find keeps dots, stones or such demarcations based on the pattern of the watch.  So try the best watches for you and go stylish.