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What to look for in a shearling coat

What to look for in a shearling coat

The advantage of living in countries with seasonal fluctuations or even those that are generally just cold in nature is that you have at your disposal, a wide variety of choices for dressing. Living in hot regions means that your outfit for the day has to be restricted to crop tops or off-shoulders paired with shorts and other such easy fare. Dressing up in this weather is a virtual no-no as it’s most likely that your outfit will have lost its sheen before it reaches the destination. In stark contrast, the colder regions allow you to sport trench coats, long flowy dresses as well as gowns that look regal from the top to the bottom.

One such beautiful garment commonly used in cold regions that has most people oohing and aahing over it is a shearling coat. These coats are made from different types of leather and skin and serve dual purposes of retaining body warmth as well as keeping you in the upper echelons of fashion. The characteristic feature of these coats is the fur or mink around the neck. Usually designed to keep the neck warm and comfortable, this trademark design has evolved to give shearling coat the stature it enjoys today.

The first thing that you need to decide when shopping for this coat is the type of material you want your coat to be made from. The commonly available choices are leather and sheepskin for these pieces. You also find certain product lines available at cheaper rates made from faux leather but the quality of the same is highly questionable. For those of you that are conscious about animal welfare, there are many companies that make these quotes from faux fur. So understand all your choices before going shopping for this trendy shearling coat for you.

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