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This winter go stylish with leather vests

This winter go stylish with leather vests

The leather is yet another fabric which is always in fashion. If you are looking for an added layer of warmth without wearing many heavy clothes then a leather vest is one of the best options available. It has become the favorites of bike riders as it is cool, comfortable and protects the body from cold wind and weather. However, there is a notion that leather vests look cool only on bike riders. This is absolutely wrong. When worn with the perfect dress or attire it looks good on everyone.

Leather vests add an instant touch of texture to any ensemble and additionally it looks cute and stylish on everyone, men and women both. It is a unisex wear and suits everyone and looks good as well. Generally, they do not come in many colors the options are black, gray, brown or even dark red. A perfect leather vest will make a simple and plain T-shirt and jeans outfit more edgy and stylish. It has the capability to change a soft, flowy maxi skirt into a funky look and also tone down a dressy frock into something more daytime beach or bike ride wear.

There are hundreds of ways to layer a leather vest for both men and women. They suit even cocktail parties and office party events as well giving it a sporty look and feel. For women, a leather vest goes well with boyfriend jeans as well as chic look attire as well. It is important to choose the correct leather vest to suit your overall look. If chosen wrongly it can turn out to be disastrous as well and hence ensure to purchase the one best suit your style, body, and attire.

Boots and leather vests also go hand in hand. A perfect pair of boots with the leather jacket will further enhance your style statement