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Sweat suits for men: The ultimate  Athleisure clothing

Sweat suits for men: The ultimate Athleisure clothing

When you throw together some sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, it is called a sweat suit. Sometimes you can even throw a jacket over the sweatpants and it will still be called the sweat suit. Sweat suits define the word comfort and activity. But celebs donning sweat suits at airports and streets have made the trend common and stylish.

Taylor Swift has even worn some cropped sweatshirt and matching sweatpants to a red carpet. Sweat suits are getting trendy and new materials and designs are being used for the Sweat suits. One of the trendiest sweat suit is velour Sweat suits. Velour Sweat suits are comfortable and show off the curves as well and they have always been in trend.

Kanye west and other rappers in the west have perfected the art of wearing Sweat suits. Sweat suits can be used for gymming and as an office wear too. There are even professional Sweat suits from the Renegade basic brand Fruit of the loom that is suitable for even a business meeting.

These Professional Sweat suits are limited edition and makes you feel comfy and cozy all the time. There is seersucker style, pinstriped business suit, country club look and downright outrageous corporate cowboy suite that comes with a pinstriped tie.

Sweat suits have even seen backlash from some strong personalities who labelled them sloppy or a sign of defeat but the sky rocketing sales of the sweat suits have put every criticism to shame in this yoga era where people are mixing comfort with activity.

Sweatpants can be styled with high fashion accessories from shoes to leather jackets to chunky neckpieces. Wearing a sweat suit outside your home is already a fashion statement, you only need to make some fashion experiments to get that perfect look and stand out among the crowd.

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