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Show your Love with Claddagh Rings

Show your Love with Claddagh Rings

We wear rings for two reasons either to communicate something to the other person through symbols or as a fashion. There are also people who wear rings embossed with their birthstones as there is believe that wearing such rings gives a positive energy and remove all physical and mental problems.

Both men and women wear their wedding and engagement rings on their ring fingers to communicate that they are engaged or married and not available. Engagement and weddings ring more than a custom people are looking it as fashion and hence very particular about the pattern.

These rings come in diamond, platinum, gold and generally, wedding rings are embossed with their partner’s name. The engagement ring is generally a ring without any names and one chooses any design. Claddagh rings are one such design which is worn as an engagement ring.

Claddagh rings are traditional rings symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. The pattern of Claddagh rings is two hands holding a heart. Each of it holds a meaning like a hand represents friendship, the heart represents love and the crown of the ring indicates loyalty. Claddagh rings are designed with a two clasped hands which symbolize as pledging vows and they used as engagement and wedding rings during the Romans time.

These rings are available in gold, silver, and platinum. In these rings, the hearts are generally decorated with precious stones. Claddagh rings are worn by many popular celebrities from film industry, singers, politicians and also from royal families. So be a proud owner of wearing a Claddagh ring and can have the feel as a personality.

Some of the trends in Claddagh rings are;

  • Metals like titanium, tungsten, stainless steel are used to make these rings and are different from the general gold and silver rings.
  • Mixed metals which give more trendy look and have two-tone colors
  • These rings are available with different color stones embossed in it often referred to as rainbow gemstones.
  • Others are usual ones like gold, silver, platinum, diamond and much more