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Italian charm bracelet

Italian charm bracelet

An Italian charm bracelet is a series of charm bracelets which together makes a single charm bracelet or bangle. Each bracelet signifies an Italian charm face or image hooked together makes a single charm. These bracelets are designed in Italy and mostly found soccer players wearing for charm and country’s flag. Many neighbor country like American tourist noticed and brought it back to united states. These bracelets comprise eighteen blank links together to create personalized Italian charm bracelets. Italian charms are modular, plain that are hooked together.

These Italian charm bracelets are categorized in many different styles and shapes. They are the chain or elastic-like structure series of five to six bracelets. Bracelets can be designed, engraved, hand printed charm or photos are stacked to increase its charm. The base material is platinum, gold, brass or glass which enhances its look. Mostly used material is stainless steel, gold plated or 20-karat gold charm face. This features genuine and synthetic gem stones as a portion of its design. Stainless steel gives sparkle appearance with colorful links.

Football, soccer, badminton and other sports player of the Italian country wear to symbolize their charm or love toward the country. This fashion or trend was also followed by another country after getting influenced by Italy. Common citizens are also found wearing matching bracelets for charm. People of other countries design charm bracelets of their interest and their interest materials. Some design is made from leather, cloth, wood and other synthetic material. People wear this according to their mood, interest of an individual. Many film stars all across the world found wearing Italian charm bracelets and attract media showing their craze for bracelets. This bracelet is discovered from ancient time and still one of the ongoing trends that will stay in limelight for decades.

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