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Hair up with beautiful hair brooch

Hair up with beautiful hair brooch

Hair brooch is a decorative jewelry item used for hair to keep a part of the hair or full hair closed. These hair brooches are available in metal, silver, gold, and other materials.  Earlier hair brooch was more treated or considered as a wedding accessory, however, the trend has been changed. One can wear hair brooch for any occasion like an evening party, wedding, for a dinner or even during summer with a casual attires.

But without a doubt wearing a hair brooch for any party is surely going to give a unique and elegant look. They are ornate, classy and always affordable. We need to go for right hair brooch for a right occasion which gives a great glamor for the overall look.

Generally, brooch comes with beads, stones, pearls, flowers, ribbons, and more. These brooches come with multiple pins, sometimes two and sometimes with a single pin. One can choose based upon the type of hairdo she is going to do.

Here are some types of hair brooches we see at different occasion;

  • A pearl or rhinestone studded brooch will be a perfect one to use for a Christian wedding.
  • Corsage hair brooch is made of silver and crystals with a touch of pearls which is going to be a perfect one that can set on side of a beautiful bun and this is generally seen the bride wearing it with a with gown for a Christian wedding
  • Kundan style clip this perfectly compliments with traditional attire were the jewelry is also with Kundan stones.
  • Golden floral hair brooch: this is a brooch which is having a golden touch studded with golden stones or sometimes shades of yellow. These are perfect with the attire which is also having shades of gold. This is generally worn above the hair do.