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Glam up with Cool Earrings!!

Glam up with Cool Earrings!!

Earrings are the most loved accessory for most of us. There is no doubt that earrings add glamor and brings a touch of femininity to any attire one wears. When compared to any of the accessories be it a necklace, bangle or a bracelet nothing can accentuate face that earrings can bring it.

It is also most preferred accessory by most of the women’s. We get to see women’s walking around without wearing a chain or bangle but rarely without an earring apart from religious reasons.

Cool earrings come in different sizes, styles, and colors. There are different types of earrings like studs, drop, dangles, barbell, huggy, slave ear thread and much more.

Here are some cool earrings which are on trends and you can go for it;

Feather earrings: this one of the coolest and trendy earrings which will go with any kind of dress. These earrings have this feminine touch at the same time it is funky and cool. These are available in many color combination if one wants to match with different attire they can go for silver and gold combination or full black feather earrings otherwise the common one which we see is peacock color. This is one of the favorites among college goers.

Cuff or Lobe earrings: These are completely different styles than the other earrings. These earrings generally are dangling and extended till the upper part of the ears. They are worn mostly in one ear and can be matched with any kind of casual wear.

Hoop earrings: There won’t be a single girl without owning at least a pair of hoop earrings. These are one of the trendy earrings which always remain in fashion and need not worry much about matching it with the attire as it goes well with all kind of attires.

Studs: Studs are one of the cool earrings and generally goes with modern attires. Studs are called as perennial jewelers. They are very subtle and are available in different designs and options are many. Studs do not require to be matched as a simple small stud goes with any kind of modern and traditional dresses.

Choose the right cool earrings and glam up for the party!!