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smoking jacket

Enjoying to the full is what every dreams of. Men love smoking and they are always in need of one more cigarette everything they lit one. In the Olden times, smoking was considered as an important process which men used to carry out after having dinner with the family. They used to have a smoke with their friends in which they used to discuss their achievements and what they are planning on the next move. Smoking jacket became famous from there on where men put on the smoking jacket whenever they went to the smoke room for a smoke or cigar.

People find expensive cigars of different brands which they smoke just to show their powers. For smoking, men used to wear a special jacket which they call the smoking jacket. They are the long over coats which are loose and they are full sleeves. The smoking jackets are famous till today itself. The smoking jackets are made of velvet and they feel very soft to touch and are comfortable to wear. Rich businessmen and traders are more into wearing these jackets. Along with the smoke, drinks are also served to the ultimate. The red and black combination is the common color that people wear in this regard.

The smoking jackets have to be prepared in the size of the person wearing it. These are normally custom made but now a days you can also purchase them online or they can also be purchased in the showrooms. These smoking jackets are costly because they are used only the richer class society. The collars and the turn on cuffs make it a unique kind of a jacket. Smoking jackets are a sign of luxury and these have been going on from the colonial period. Show off your properties and light cigars!

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