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Get a stylish look with vintage earrings

Get a stylish look with vintage earrings

Gold studded earrings which are long and commonly known as “Jhumkas” normally fall under the tag of vintage earrings. Vintage earrings are made in a creative style and they are sometimes handmade because these vintage earrings have been procured from an earlier period. White gold earrings, diamond earrings, etc. which are quite precious fall under this group. There might be some figured engraved on the earrings which make them unique from the rest. Vintage earrings may be of the type Studded, drop, dangle, etc . The diamonds are precisely cut and the cuts are neat and the finish is just superb.

Colourful stones also fall under the category of vintage earrings. Deep and bright colours are used in the making of these earrings. Vintage earrings are sold on an auction basis in many cases as they are quite expensive and can only be purchased by the royal families. Sapphire and emerald are some other stones which are exclusively used in making of these earrings. When a woman put on something vintage, then the entire attire appear gorgeous and she becomes the centre of attraction. Vintage earrings have more shine in them as compared to the earrings that are made in today’s present world.

Sometimes vintage earrings might be dated which makes it sure in which period that earring has evolved. Women find it interesting to match their dress along with the earring that they wear. When you put on a vintage style earring, you don’t have to put on any other jewelry or cosmetic as it uplifts your beauty to the next level. Drop earrings are many in collections in case of vintage earrings. Kundan made earrings, and the shape of peacock was the symbol in the earlier days because of which these patterns are mostly found in the vintage earrings.

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