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Emo clothes for both men and women

Emo clothes for both men and women

Anything punk and classy can never go out of fashion! Emo clothes include the use of dark colors and use of graphics is mostly prominent in these clothes. Right from getting a tattoo done to wearing a funky sneaker, it all goes with the word ” emo’. Emo print t shirts include the print of cartoon characters or simply the use of words to give it a nice look. Emo clothes vary for both men and women.

  • For men: In a case of men, the first thing is the punk cap. The cap is a broody one which goes well with the emo style. The t shirt has to be a graphics one with different quotations written in it for showing an attitude and personality. The t shirts can be sleeveless as most guys are seen wearing in today’s world. The next thing comes is the belt. It can be a zigzag pattern one which might look like a chess board. The color can vary depending upon one’s choice. The t shirt can be easily be worn with a jacket which is light and comes in different bright hues. For the sneakers, one can easily pick up a black or a white one.
  • For Women: The same trend goes for girls too but the thing is a bit different when it comes to jeans or skirts. Girls can use pleated skirts normally of the color ” red” which goes well with a black colored top. Heavy boots are preferred in case of emo clothes. Punk is the normal word used in t-shirts.

Skeleton necklaces , shipyard sizes , etc. are some of the accessories worn with the emo clothes. The choker is the accessory that is worn by girls which go well with the emo t-shirts. So try this look and become stylish with emo.

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