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Create a statement piece with handmade necklaces

Create a statement piece with handmade necklaces

Handmade jewelry will always have a special touch and especially when it a handmade necklaces it is a special piece and have sentimental value to it. As handmade necklaces are made after considering the design, style, color one wants.

Here are some ideas which all of us can give a try and go for it;

  • Go for simple beaded necklaces with three to four layers and with some colorful beads, a trendy necklace which goes perfect with modern attire.
  • A statement neck piece one can go for by making braided rope preferably a bright color like purple, orange and pink which will be classic and bright when matched with a open white top
  • To give a little ethnic touch then go for a go for multi colored beads which covers one full round made in silver and on a simple rope.
  • White pearl chains are most easy and simple to make. You can make a single layered or more than one layered. You can mix and match with different color pearls for change. This goes perfect with traditional attire.
  • Two stands of breaded crochet necklaces in white and black mix is another beautiful handmade necklace which can be gifted for mothers. The color combination is such that is goes with most of the outfits.

Some reasons why these days’ girls go for handmade necklaces more than those that are machine made are as follows; Quality assurity as these are crafted individually and thus artisans take lot of time and carefully concentrate in each piece they make. Known for its uniqueness unlike machine made where the same pattern is available in ten to twenty pieces. Hence if you go for a handmade necklace there is very rare chance of finding another person wearing a same type of necklace. And buying and using handmade necklaces is way of supporting creativity of the artisans.  This is also a kind of encouragements to come up with more designs in handmade necklaces.