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Classic and beautiful celtic engagement rings

Classic and beautiful celtic engagement rings

Planning to get engaged with your lover!! There is nothing exhilarating task than getting down on your knees to propose your girlfriend! The next task is choosing the right ring for your fiancé. You need put in a lot of efforts and patience to select the right ring. There are many options to choose from; for instance, you can choose metals such as gold, white gold, silver, platinum etc. Diamond rings are also a great choice.

The Celtic engagement ring is also one of the traditional choices of engagement rings in today’s modern days. It gives a distinctive flair and each of the classic symbols portrays something different. Hence these rings are a powerful force in Celtic society.

It is generally worn by people from the high status, and it is said that wearing these type of engagement rings keeps the wearer safe and blessed. This is because they have some supernatural powers and symbolizes different aspects. Below are some of the different types of rings:

Trinity knot: In Celtic mythology, these knots portrays the sacred geometry of the universe and the interconnectedness of all life.

Tree of life: This type of knot represents the interconnection of life and heaven and earth. Hence it is considered as a beautiful symbol especially for a wedding band

Claddagh ring: This type of ring knot is a combination of three symbols. For example, the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown loyalty. This will portray the eternity of love and relationship between the bride and groom.

Celtic Cross: this type of ring extends beyond the traditional Christian cross. It has a unique combination of cross and circle which reveals the lingering impact of Ireland’s pagan past.

The Celtic engagement rings not only look beautiful but add to the traditional values into your relationship